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Banking Law Attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina

Banking law is a broad category of laws and legal practices that govern how banks and other financial institutions operate. This extensive and complex practice of law covers both state and federal laws that impact business owners. Businesses in South Carolina are subject to strict regulations and must abide by the relevant laws in order to remain compliant, and in operation. For this reason, more businesses are seeking legal counsel from experienced banking law attorneys in Charleston, South Carolina to ensure that they remain compliant with all appropriate laws and regulations. 


As a leading South Carolina law firm, Cobb Hammett boasts a team of experienced banking attorneys who are well-versed and experienced in the legal issues surrounding banking and finance, and how those laws impact businesses. Let us handle the complexity of banking law so that you can focus on what really matters – your business. Call our experienced banking law attorneys today at 843-936-6680 to learn more about how we can help ensure that your business remains compliant. 

Whom Do We Represent?

Our banking and finance attorneys represent clients from different backgrounds. We help business owners that are both large and small. Our banking attorneys have experience in every facet of banking law, and our client base includes: 

  • Bank holding companies
  • National banking associations
  • State banking institutions
  • Trust companies 
  • Mortgage lenders 
  • Insurance companies
  • Asset-based lenders
  • Governmental entities

The bottom line is simple: if you have a legal banking issue or question, our experienced attorneys are able to represent you and help you. Our clients come from the Charleston area as well as the greater South Carolina area and the southeast region. 

Additionally, it is important to note that banking-related legal issues can impact anyone. Individuals may have their bank accounts compromised, small businesses can experience securities issues, and large corporations may struggle with banking compliance matters. Our dedicated team of banking attorneys leverage their rich experience with such issues in order to provide both complete and comprehensive service to our clients, regardless of size or background. 

What Banking Matters Can We Handle?

Our banking law services are comprehensive, and can include regulatory issues, commercial and consumer lending transactions, and corporate restructuring. Over the last two decades, our experienced banking legal team has tailored our legal services to the following areas: 

  • Commercial lending
  • Mortgage banking and securitization
  • Syndicated finance
  • Troubled debt restructuring
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Consumer & commercial transactions
  • Disposition of troubled assets
  • Foreclosures and loan litigation
  • Derivative transactions

We are dedicated banking attorneys seek to offer legal advice that is innovative as well as solution driven. As a result, we can remain flexible in all of our legal services to address all your banking matters. Above all, we prioritize your business’ unique needs and goals in order to ensure your financial rights are protected. 

Why Hire a Banking Law Attorney?

Title 34 of the South Carolina Code of Laws handles all issues pertaining to banking, financial institutions, and money in the state of South Carolina. Containing 45 different chapters, this is an expansive and complex area of South Carolina law. Additionally, federal banking laws can also prove legally challenging to business owners. 

Given the extensive and nuanced regulations and liabilities at both the state and federal level with respect to banking laws, it makes sense to seek legal advice to ensure that your legal and financial obligations are met as a business owner. Even the smallest error can result in substantial losses, both in time and in money. The experienced Cobb Hammett banking law attorneys provide comprehensive knowledge and an unbiased perspective. This knowledge and perspective results in legal and financial protection for your business. 

Contact the Experienced Banking and Finance Attorneys at Cobb Hammett Today

Banking law is highly involved and legally complex, and presents a variety of regulations and laws that can quickly become overwhelming and challenging. The landscape of banking law is also ever-evolving, and seeking the advice of an experienced banking law attorney can ensure that you receive the latest and most comprehensive advice. 

For these reasons, many banks, businesses and organizations opt to involve legal counsel in their financial decision-making regarding their financial transactions. 

At Cobb Hammett, our banking law attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to navigate even the most complex financial matters, and provide specific counsel regarding our clients’ unique circumstances. After spending decades working with clients regarding banking law matters, our legal team can deliver practical and creative solutions to benefit your business and your bottom line. We are available at 843-936-6680, and look forward to the opportunity to help you and your business.